28 July 2015

Analyzing Your Competition with Rival IQ

In the ever changing era of technology, online businesses are thriving. Almost every brick and mortar business wants to set up an online store as well. This has paved way for competition in the market. One has no idea whether to focus on what our business is doing, making it and polishing to get better or keeping an eye out for the competition as well! There is SO much to do, and so LITTLE time!


You need something that would give you your reports as well and also give you a complete check of how your competition is ranking. Be it how a business is thriving on social media, what the statistics are and how well your page is ranked on search engines. Rival IQ helps you in all of this, while making the time for you to work on other aspects of the business.


Competitive Analysis

Rival IQ is a game changer, yep that’s what it is. It does all your work for you and even manages it as well so you don’t have too. It keeps the eye of an eagle on your competitor. What they are posting on their social media accounts, how many likes or comments did it get, whether there are any changes in the positioning language. It doesn’t annoy the hell out of you by alerting you every time there is a post, it analyzes the post or any significant change and then alerts you. This way you aren’t fed up with all those annoying emails and alerts on your cell phone!

Top Content Overview

Top Content Overview

What best about it is that it caters to every social media website and isn’t just restricted to one or two. It knows about where to look and not too, for example on Twitter there may be a hashtag trending that was first used by your competitor, that marketing tactic boosts your competitor’s awareness and is now getting a little more traffic. You need to be alerted about that hashtag. Rival IQ does that for you!

SEO Keyword Analysis

SEO analysis is another aspect that is handled by Rival IQ. What rank do you and your competitor standing at is all handled by it. It gives you an in depth overview of what keywords are in trend and what keywords should you be using to rank your page

Another feature about it which makes life easy for all the marketers out there is that you can downloads reports easily in ANY format you want! Be it a power point presentation or a PDF file, it arranges it for you!


Rival IQ gives you the opportunity to take it on a ‘test drive’. You can get your 14 day free trial and get ahead on your marketing!

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