28 July 2015

Analyzing Your Competition with Rival IQ

In the ever changing era of technology, online businesses are thriving. Almost every brick and mortar business wants to set up an online store as well. This has paved way for competition in the market. One has no idea whether to focus on what our business is doing, making it and polishing to get better or keeping an eye out for the competition as well! There is SO much to do, and so LITTLE time!
20 July 2015

Manage, Monitor and Measure Your Social Networks with Sendible

Though using social media to improve the marketing strategy of your business is a pragmatic move, it still cannot be denied that managing your online presence also comes with complexities and risks. Good thing is that social management tools are widely available to help business owners rectify the issues and manage their social media undertakings at the same time.
13 July 2015

ViralTag : Your Visual Content Marketing Platform

ViralTag is a must have tool for anyone that is interested in marketing their content online as it is designed specifically for the promotion of visual content such as images and other types of multimedia.
06 July 2015

Simple B2B Social Media Management Using Oktopost

Social media management is important to have in any B2B(business-to-business) organization. A B2B company typically has a smaller customer base because they are selling large amounts of merchandise to a limited number of companies who are paying high prices for it. When companies make these kinds of purchases from other companies, they don’t make their decision based on fancy billboards and online advertisements. This is what they would do in a B2C situation. Instead, companies will only do business with a B2B company if they already have a good reputation and positive word-of-mouth from their former business clients.

In the age of social media, a B2B company needs to have the best social media management possible in order to effectively spread the word that they are a company worth doing business with.