14 June 2015

Precise Analytics from Trusted Experts: What You Can Have with Sotrender

When it comes to measuring your social media outreach it's very important that you get the right analytics for all of your social media campaigns. While you can integrate programs like Google analytics and a variety of social media tools to track your outreach and to measure the success of every post some of the best analytics work that you can receive comes directly from social media marketing experts.

Precise Social Media Measurement

Sotrender is changing the way that we analyze data from social media accounts. Rather than getting basic access to analytics you can get a precise analytics panel that showcases your daily reach, hourly reach and examines the reach of posts across every social media account you own. This means that you can analyze not just one account but the whole spectrum of users and followers across your profiles.

Youtube Subscribers - Sample Report by Sotrender

Easy Social Media Marketing Analysis

Analyzing your audience, the effectiveness of your content, the responsiveness of your customer service and the whole of your administration activities can be done from the sotrender platform. These precise analytics are one of the easiest ways that you can drive data for your company and your marketing effort as well as track how much time you're spending on social media marketing versus your output in sales. No other analytic tool can break these numbers down as quickly and effectively. The Sotrender system is like having a marketing and data administration expert on your staff at all times.

The best part about utilizing these precise analytics is that you can get up and running quickly. There is no need for a vast amount of technical knowledge and integration with your social media accounts. Instead you can simply start a free demo with no credit card required and be up and running across all your social media accounts inside of a few minutes. This is quite a refreshing change from many of the other analytic services available.

Sotrender comes complete with a huge amount of support and you can receive ongoing updates and communication from analytics experts the world over.

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